Google Chrome and PDF Issues


There’s an issue that popped up in the latest update to Google Chrome (v46.0.2490.71) where PDF files are being displayed as blank documents.

The Chrome team is aware of it, and have implemented a fix. However, there will be a delay in getting the update out as it needs to go through the various channels before it gets to everyone.

The update should be out next week, but in the meantime you can use a short workaround to view your PDF files.

When your PDF is downloaded, instead of clicking the file, click the small dropdown arrow to the right. Then, you can choose ‘Open with system viewer’ to use your favourite PDF viewer.

You may also want to use ‘Always open in Adobe Reader’ if you prefer.



You can follow this issue over at the Chromium forums here:

** UPDATE **

This issue is resolved after updating Google Chrome to v46.0.2490.80.

To update, click the hamburger menu on the top right, then ‘Help and about’, then ‘About Google Chrome’. This should trigger Chrome to automatically update to the latest version.


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