Get Better Results from your Mobile Apps

More than ever our customers are requiring mobile apps to help deliver value to their community. So you go out and create an app, make available in the app store, and then hope for the best. In our opinion, apps should help your users have a more personal experience, and feel more connected to you as a company, and ultimately help drive business success. If your app is not doing this, it’s simply costing you money. So what you need to be able to do is accurately measure the impact having the app out there for your users makes on your business.

But how do you go about doing this?

Well, first you would need to know if anyone is using your app, who they are, and how are they using it? And then you need to be able to keep bringing users back into the app instead of forgetting about it among the hundreds of other apps on their smart phone. There are a number of options for building analytics into your mobile apps, but very few options for being able to make those analytics truly actionable. This is where Azure Mobile Engagement steps in.

Azure Mobile Engagement is a cloud-based, data-driven user engagement platform that enables real-time fine-grain user segmentation, app user analytics, contextually-aware smart push notifications and in-app messaging across all connected devices.

It allows app owners and business decision makers to get directly in touch with app users in a personal, contextually-aware, and (importantly)  a non-intrusive way. Right at the moment when it makes the most sense for both parties.

With Azure Mobile Engagement, you can create automated cutting-edge interactions that:

  • Make insights actionable in real-time and increase app usage
  • Leverage a value added push and in-app messaging platform
  • Utilize open APIs and make integrations easy
  • Take advantage of global data protection and privacy

Take a look at the quick overview video below.


About Stephen Fourie

I've been a professional software developer since 2004, and running GEM since 2010. I've developed software for many different industries including automotive, logistics, finance and entertainment. I'm the GM at GEM Custom Apps where we build custom web and mobile apps for businesses.I love my wife, my dog, cars and gadgets. And coffee! I'm an Ironman 70.3 finisher, beginner skateboarder, xbox gamer and digital nomad :)