We build many different types of websites, but many of them have one main objective – drive more sales. The site itself could be an assistant for this, perhaps through lead generating or content marketing, perhaps providing pre-sales objection handling type of content etc. Is your website doing the same?

Often times we’ll see businesses have a website that is still designed around an outdated concept – an online presence. Simply being online doesn’t necessarily help your business. The thing is, your website should have a specific purpose. It should be constructed to deliver results, ideally in a measurable way. This also changes the relationship with a website, from being purely a cost to being a useful tool to grow your business.

Useful Functions of a Website

This varies a lot – what a website can be used for, or the specific functions it fulfils, can change a lot depending on your business, the products and services your company offers, your target market etc. Some of the typical functions a website can perform are the following:

  • Lead generation, through contact forms, quote requests etc.
  • Sales, directly through order forms/pages
  • eCommerce selling digital/virtual or physical goods and services
  • Content marketing, for example educating (potential) customers through articles (like this one)
  • Support, with knowledge base articles or even being a support channel
  • Customer self-service, for example through a client portal or account area
  • Many, many others…

To give you some ideas, here’s some of the ways we use our website:

  • Lead generation – we use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising (aka Google Ads) to send search traffic to landing pages, where potential clients can read about our offerings and get in touch with us. We also use it for handling some pre-sales questions, for example once a contact form is completed, we prompt a potential client for some additional information (information we’d typically ask in a phone call or first conversation anyway, but streamlines the process a bit). Here’s an example of one of our landing pages: App Development
  • Sales – when we launched our new line of WordPress Care plans, we created a number of sales pages where clients can signup directly and make payments through our site. This is a great way to have sales almost on full automation, but most importantly can simplify billing and payment handling and the actual signup process.
  • Customer Self Service – we use this in two ways at the time of writing: 1) for our app development projects, we have a full client portal where clients can access project files, keep up to date with progress, and access various project related resources easily all in one place. 2) for clients who signup for our WordPress Care Plans, we create a dedicated client portal area where they can safely and securely provide us their website information so we can manage their sites, as well as pages with useful information and guides.
  • Content Marketing – just like this article, we create content where we try our best to provide useful information from our area of expertise that helps our audience grow their business. Sometimes readers become clients because we started of by helping them through articles like this. We often refer leads to content on our site if they just need some help or direction and aren’t yet ready to engage our services. It’s a great way for us to both help our audience (even if they’re not paying customers), as well as build trust as an expert in our field.

Ultimately most of the features and functionality of our site help to serve our audience, which then in turn helps to drive sales. Is your website driving sales?


About Stephen Fourie

I've been a professional software developer since 2004, and running GEM since 2010. I've developed software for many different industries including automotive, logistics, finance and entertainment. I'm the GM at GEM Custom Apps where we build custom web and mobile apps for businesses.I love my wife, my dog, cars and gadgets. And coffee! I'm an Ironman 70.3 finisher, beginner skateboarder, xbox gamer and digital nomad :)