This system was a rebuild of an existing project. The scope was to improve performance and introduce new functionality so the business could easily expand. technology.



The team at DMD approached GEM to assist with taking over the DMD system in order to fix a number of performance challenges, make it more maintainable, and drive new features to expand the business.


With DMD, there was a substantial system already in production. It was however plagued with performance issues, and old code that was very difficult to maintain.

The solution we agreed to with the DMD team was to rebuild the application on current technologies, while solving the performance issues, and implementing new features.

In order to achieve this, we created a new web app based and rebuilt all the old scheduled background tasks into a manageable scheduling system. As the original system didn’t have any documentation, we spent a good deal of time documenting the required functionality, and cross-referencing what the app actually does, and finalizing what the end requirements were. Once all clearly documented, we set about rebuilding the application from the ground up, and delivered a hugely improved system, which performs far better, is much more reliable, and works across almost all devices.


DMD no longer suffers performance issues, has a revamped interface making new user onboarding much quicker, works across almost all devices, and has a dedicated support team to provide changes and improvements on an ongoing basis.


  • Microsoft Azure Platform (Websites, Traffic Manager, SQL Azure, VMs)
  • Asp.NET MVC providing a responsive web app
  • Flat file processors for integration with legacy systems
  • Webservice APIs for various integrations
  • Various document generation capabilities
  • iCal calendar integration/subscription service

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