gemSync was design to provide a seamless integration between Autotask and Sage Pastel Accounting, transferring billing data automatically with no user intervention.



In this instance, we were the client. Back in 2012 we started using an application called Autotask. Autotask is a great tool for streamlining a variety of business tasks, including invoicing.

The problem we found was that the system didn’t have a simple or easy way to capture those invoices into our accounting package, Sage One Accounting (or Pastel My Business Online as it used to be called). Which meant a very manual process of physically reproducing all the invoices from Austotask into Sage/Pastel. We knew there had to be an easier way.


It turned out that we were not the only ones who could benefit from an integration like this, so we decided to create an off-the-shelf SaaS offering that could benefit the whole Autotask community rather than just ourselves.

We set about building a seamless integration that would move invoices from Autotask through to Sage in a completely automated fashion. We also expanded the project to work with Sage Pastel Partner too.

The solution was built as a 3-part product. There’s the API connection to Autotask that fetches and creates/updates information, the middle-ground gemSync service that maps and transforms data between Autotask and Sage/Pastel, and the Sage/Pastel client that pushes and pulls data to/from Sage Pastel. The Sage/Pastel client is an online API service for Sage One, and for Sage Pastel Partner, comprises of a webservice backend, and local client that runs in the background on the Sage Pastel computer/server.


gemSync is a now cloud-based, secure and scalable enterprise integrations platform that is used by ourselves and many other companies. The system saves companies on average 3 days a month worth of manual data capturing. We’ve made some improvements since the product launched in 2013, and continue to work on improving the system all the time.

This project has also been a fantastic opportunity for us to learn the ins and outs of Sage / Pastel Accounting, since the launch of gemSync we have done a number of other projects for clients wanting integrations between Sage / Pastel and various other technology systems with great success.


  • Microsoft Azure Platform (Websites, Traffic Manager, SQL Azure, VMs)
  • Microsoft Asp.NET MVC / C#
  • Web service APIs for Autotask and Sage One
  • Sage Pastel Partner SDK to connect with Sage Pastel Partner database
  • WordPress for the content/info site (

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